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Re: APT broken ?

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Christian Hudon wrote:

> > You. You must correct the problems it lists before it will do anything.
> It'd be nice if a future version of apt-get could take note of these errors 
> and fix them by itself during the next upgrade/dist-uprgade-dselect-upgrade 
> run, instead of aborting at the "update" phase. Don't know how hard it'd be 
> to do that, though...

.4 will have the -f flag, do something like

apt-get -f install

and it will figure out how to fix it. You can modify it's choices by
including package to install after the install word or using dist-upgade
or upgrade or whatever.

It's a bit risky because dpkg might blow up while installing the packages,
it is difficult to assure that the ordering routine does the right thing
when where it is starting from is invalid [I think it does in most cases].


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