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03-29 boot disks - worse than 02-20 for me :(


Executive summary:
I had fatal, unsurmountable problems using the 03-29 boot disks.  I had
to use the 02-20 disks for major parts of the install.  The first and
third problems worked on the 02-20 disks and failed on the 03-29 disks.
So things have gotten worse not better :(

The rescue disk failed to format the first screen where one puts the
kernel command line options.  And worse than that hitting [ENTER] to boot
the kernel failed too -- it just hung there.  Hence I couldn't even boot
with the "rescue" disk.  So I used the 02-20 bootdisk to partition the
disk (it was a brand spanking new IDE disk with NO partition information),
once I rebooted into the 03-29 boot disk it displayed the opening screen
as per usual and the kernel booted and things were OK.  So I assume
there is a dependency on having a pre-partitioned disk to work with.
Which is a `bad' assumption.

I found a minor typo in the "Choose Network Interface" dialog:  it says
"Ethernet of Fast Ethernet" -- the "of" should read "or".

The mount command on the 03-29 boot disks fails to mount NFS filesystems.
I had to use the 02-20 bootdisk to load the base system from my NFS server.

Fortunately, it was possible to use the 02-20 disks with the base system
from 03-29.  But I had to change floppies way too many times :(

I've got a few more systems to install this month.  So please get a new
version out there quickly and I'll do some more debugging ...

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