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bsdutils_4.2.deb and bsdmainutils_4.2.deb


for some reason I am unable to install bsdutils_4.2.deb and
bsdmainutils_4.2.deb (and only these package) on one of my debian
systems. dselect stops here:

Login as anonymous...
Setting transfer mode to binary...
Cd to `/pub/Linux/debian'...
getting: dists/frozen/main/binary-i386/base/bsdutils_4.2.deb (26374)
getting: dists/frozen/main/binary-i386/utils/bsdmainutils_4.2.deb (121664)

Processing downloaded files...(for corrupt/old/partial)

when I press ^C, I get

could not get package info from file

I have another debian box where exactly these files get installed
without problems.

Any hints?

Cheers, Thomas

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