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Re: build: no utmp entry available

That's caused by a bug in the scripts (or possibly libc6), and there is
probably nothing wrong with your utmp.  look up the thread "weird
utmp/perl problem" in the archives.  When it is fixed, it still will not
do what you want, I think, because even if it does find the utmp entry, it
will use LOGNAME if they are not equal.


On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Andreas Tille wrote:

> Hello,
> when using /usr/bin/build from the devscripts package I get a lot
> of Warnings
> ...
> no utmp entry available, using value of LOGNAME ("e2od5") at
> /usr/lib/dpkg/controllib.pl line 16.
> ...
> How to suppress this more precisely how to make a valid "utmp entry"
> because my LOGNAME shouldn't be used in any *.deb file.  It is a
> confusing symbolic name in our internal network and I would like to
> use my name in real live (tille) instead.
> Regards
>          Andreas.
> PS: Should I post such kind of questions to debian-mentors?
>     I'm afraid an overflow of my mailbox if I subscribe more and
>     more mailing lists.

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