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Re: Bug#20445: marked as done (general: frozen has packages which depend on kernel 2.1.x)

In article <19980401005554.47756@nightbird>,
Fabien Ninoles <fab@tzone.org> wrote:
>I'm currently package the RT Kernel Patch for 2.0.33 <just need the ok
>from the upstream maintainer about the copyright> and I currently
>looking for making an experiemental package for the GGI patches (GGI
>seems not enough stable and too much conflicting to currently go in any
>distribution other than experimental).

Are you intending to do libggi too?  I was going to post an
intent-to-package for libggi, but if you're going to do that together
with KGI, please do.

If not, I intend to package the libggi from ggi 0.0.9.  It doesn't
-need- kernel support, because it can target X, svgalib and aalib, too.
When KGI eventually stabilises and gets integrated into the mainstream
kernel, an X server and svgalib already exist to run on top of libggi.

Charles Briscoe-Smith
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