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Re: *** The Upcoming Release of Hamm ***

>>"Hartmut" == Hartmut Koptein <koptein@et-inf.fho-emden.de> writes:

>> Can I propose the following ?  When we get into this state we
>> announce an `early beta' and delay the release for at least a
>> further two weeks to see if any more release-necessary bugs arise,
>> or if there is discussion about the status of a bug.

Hartmut> Make it harder! From now on no new upstream versions to
Hartmut> frozen. Cleaning Incoming. 1. May is 'early beta' and 1. June
Hartmut> is release time (to have some more time for arch maintainers
Hartmut> and testers).

	On what basis have you decided that no pstrem bug fixes shall
 be allowed "from now on"? Seems to me, looking at the bugs out there,
 that we are not yet in a position to say "waaal, we almost have a
 good enough system, so let us not rock the boat anymore". 

	The release date should be based on the state of the system,
 not on the calendar. The priority is quality, rather than a
 deadline. (I am not saying we allow upstream releases indefinitely; I
 am saying the reasons for moving to an early beta stage should be
 less arbitrary, and be based on a more solid technical ground).
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