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Re: Afterstep Bug?--OFF TOPIC?

On Wed, 01 Apr 1998 20:29:27 CST, Ian Keith Setford wrote:
> Yo-
> I upgraded to AS 1.4 when I upgraded to "frozen" 2 weeks ago.  Hamm rocks
> but I am having some problems with AS 1.4.  I was just wondering if anyone
> else had this problem.  It might be an AS bug or a Hamm bug I'm not sure. 
> When I try to switch backgounds using the menu selection my screen flashes
> and then the wharf disappears and the backgrounf never shows.  I have to
> restart AS to regain my wharf but the background isn't there.  On a
> similar note, when i run xsetroot to add color to the background it works
> only until I use the pager to check a different "desk", then when I return
> to the original screen the color is gone.

I've used afterstep 1.4 for about a month (since it released) with 
xserver-svga and it works pretty well.  The only minor problem I've 
noted is that the wharf doesn't "un-collapse" after being collapsed 
with mouse click 3, however it can be redrawn from the menu.  There are 
some unused hooks in the menu, too, but allegedly those will be put to 
use in several months.

Did you check the debian bug tracking system?

> p.s. I was only kidding earlier, Debian rules! (April 1st, heheh..)

I was secretly hoping someone would write that win95 was going Open 
David Stern                          

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