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Afterstep Bug?--OFF TOPIC?


I upgraded to AS 1.4 when I upgraded to "frozen" 2 weeks ago.  Hamm rocks
but I am having some problems with AS 1.4.  I was just wondering if anyone
else had this problem.  It might be an AS bug or a Hamm bug I'm not sure. 

When I try to switch backgounds using the menu selection my screen flashes
and then the wharf disappears and the backgrounf never shows.  I have to
restart AS to regain my wharf but the background isn't there.  On a
similar note, when i run xsetroot to add color to the background it works
only until I use the pager to check a different "desk", then when I return
to the original screen the color is gone.

I am using the latest XFree package and the S3V server.

Thanks in advance!

p.s. I was only kidding earlier, Debian rules! (April 1st, heheh..)

Ian K. Setford                                  ians@jove.acs.unt.edu
                                                      H: 940.566.0461
                                                    Pgr: 817.901.0255

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