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Re: broken inbox in Pine

On Sat, Apr 04, 1998 at 09:51:24AM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > I just had a very strange experience with pine. I started it up after
> > poping down a chunk of mail, and it got past the Friday problem
> > report, reports a mailbox error and closes the inbox!
> >
> > Is there a limit to how big an inbox can be? Mine is currently just
> > under 10 meg, and I'm sure that I have had larger in the past.
> how do you stand it? i find pine gets so slow as to be unusable when the
> mailbox gets to 4 or 5 MB. even 2MB is slow enough to be annoying. 

Hehehe. This is my chance to advertise a bit <grin>

Mutt is still doing good work with 30MB bug report mailboxes on a
586 100 MHz (48MB). It needs half a minute to suck the subjects,
but then I have instant access. I have approx. 5MB in all mail boxes, and
can swap rather fast between them.

> (this is on a 686-166 with 96MB ram and a new quantum SE 4.3Gb IDE
> drive....it has got a lot faster since i swapped my ancient WD Caviar
> 1.6gb drive for the quantum a few weeks ago but it's still slow when the
> mailbox files are too big - mostly debian-user and debian-devel).

My drive is just an old WDC 1 GB .
> # only enable-incoming-folders in the feature list is relevant here.
> # the other features make pine MUCH more usable.

Craig, I have a similar setup for my lists, and I have to say that mutt can
handle multiple inboxes rather good:

>From ~/.muttrc ("=" is short for "~/Mail/")

mailboxes =mbox =nicola =alsa =debian/announce =debian/private =debian/admintool
mailboxes =debian/doc =debian/i18n
mailboxes =debian/policy =debian/changes =debian/devel =debian/faq =debian/qa =debian/de
mailboxes =debian/mentors =debian/publicity =debian/user =homepage/homepage =homepage/study
mailboxes =rub/rechenzentrum =rub/stifti =rub/ub

And then press "c" to select mail box and then scroll with <space> through
the ones with new mail. Or press <tab> three times to get a list with marked
boxes ("N" for new mail).

I know from prior discussion that this is a feature you missed with mutt. It
is now there.

Thank you and sorry for the ad,

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