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Re: bzip2 for source packages?

On Sun, Apr 19, 1998 at 05:20:39PM +0200, Sven Rudolph wrote:

> IMHO the "pristine" property is more importent than the compression
> ratio. If a choice between pristine gzipped and re-compressed bzip2ed
> has to be made, I'd vote for the pristine way.

Could someone explain to me why it's so important to keep sources "pristine"
in this sense?  I can understand not wanting to untar-retar the archive, but
recompressing it?  Who does that hurt?


P.S. I'm indifferent to the gzip vs. bzip2 thing.  One downloads faster, the
other decompresses faster.  Depending on the speed of your link (or whether
the files are on CD-ROM) you will have different results.  That's why
projects that use bzip2 _also_ include a gzipped version.

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