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Re: Bug#20499: cvs-buildpackage: doesn't handle symlinks in debian only packages

srivasta@datasync.com writes:
> 	I am seriously thinking of removing or deprecating
>  cvs-inject from frozen.  The package works well enough for people who
>  are familiar with CVS, but there are a number of pit falls for novices. 

I think that would be a shame!  I would have had a hard time getting
up to speed with cvs-buildpackage unless I had cvs-inject.  I know it
would be available in slink or experimental, but.... well, read on...

> 	First, there is the problem as reported in the bug report
>  mentioned in the header; namely, CVS does not import symbolic
>  links, the human has to set up the modules file to have scripts run
>  at checkout and export to set up any symlinks. 
> 	Secondly, there are buggy upstream sources which include CVS
>  directories in the source code;[...]
> 	Thirdly, there are a number of files that CVS ignores while
>  importing, [...]
> 	The first two are relatively easy to detect (cvs-inject would
>  have to roll back any steps taken until that point, but hey). The
>  last one is not that easy, since we have to then match all files
>  (maybe even directories?) against all the patterns currently in
>  effect (there are 5 places that can append to the list of patterns,
>  and one may erase the current list at any point); this is quite hard
>  to do.

> 	I do not think I have the time or the nergy to fix the last
>  problem ... not before the release, any way.

> 	However, if people want me to warn about the first two cases,
>  I shall so instruct cvs-inject and cvs-upgrade.

Yes, I think you should maybe just detect and warn about links and CVS
dirs in the upstream sources.  Maybe the easiest would be to treat
these as failure conditions unless some override flag was given?

Maybe at some point I'll take a look at the general problem of
transparent symlink handling native in CVS.  I have some connections
at Cyclic who may have something to offer.  Does anyone have any
communication already with Cyclic developers about this?

Again, I think removing cvs-inject will harm the attraction of
cvs-buildpackage in general.  I've moved 4 packages into CVS, 3 were
flawless, 1 had a symlink.

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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