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assorted bugs in 2.0 install

we got 4 new computers running debian (1.3.1) and in the process of
upgrading them to 2.0 i found the following problems:

(1) kernel-package doesn't know how to deal with spaces before the
    block devices in the /etc/fstab file. i know you would say that
    not many people would run into this situtation, but varesearch
    ships such an fstab file and the kernel-package was totally
    confused by it. it took me a while too to figure out what was
    happening. mount doesn't forbid spaces before the first field so i
    think kernel-package should be able to deal with it.

(2) upgrading from xfree86 3.3.1 to 3.3.2 i ran into the strangest
    problem. /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/Cards didn't get updated. i just took
    a look at all the other computers i have (running 3.3.2, upgraded
    straight from 3.3.1) and none have the new Cards file even though
    it is part of the xbase package. the ones that run 3.3.2-3 and got
    upgraded first to 3.3.2-0.1, 3.3.2-1 and so on to -3 have the new
    version of this file. also, if you do a fresh install (or run
    purge before installing the new xbase) then the new version of
    Cards gets installed. can somebody explain to me why this is

(3) i screwed up one of the upgrades (one day i'll learn to be more
    patient) so i ended up doing a fresh install. the disk drive is
    scsi, but the cd drive is ide. the boot disk wouldn't let me make
    linux bootable from the hard drive claiming that i can install
    lilo only on the first drive and that /dev/hda wasn't writable. of
    course it wasn't, since it was the cd drive, but /dev/sda was.
    shoudn't the installation script also look for the first scsi
    drive? i think this is a bug.

anyway, this is about it. i consider (1) and (3) real bugs (but
probably the majority of people will never run into them). (2) is kind
of weird and i don't have any explanation for it, but i can reproduce


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