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Re: broken inbox in Pine

On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, Craig Sanders wrote:

> On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > I just had a very strange experience with pine. I started it up after
> > poping down a chunk of mail, and it got past the Friday problem
> > report, reports a mailbox error and closes the inbox!
> >
> > Is there a limit to how big an inbox can be? Mine is currently just
> > under 10 meg, and I'm sure that I have had larger in the past.
> how do you stand it? i find pine gets so slow as to be unusable when the
> mailbox gets to 4 or 5 MB. even 2MB is slow enough to be annoying. 

On my old mother board I could never let the total number of messages
approach 1000 without a tremendous slowdown. With the new motherboard that
is no longer an issue, startup and sort processes are much faster.

> (this is on a 686-166 with 96MB ram and a new quantum SE 4.3Gb IDE
> drive....it has got a lot faster since i swapped my ancient WD Caviar
> 1.6gb drive for the quantum a few weeks ago but it's still slow when the
> mailbox files are too big - mostly debian-user and debian-devel).
My new mother board is a PII-166 MMX (this caching may be th cuplrit)
and I only got 64MB on it (wow, that sure rolled of the fingers
easily...only 64...). One thing that may make a difference, beside the
caching issues, is the fact that I am running without swap. I have two 4.3
gig Seagates (always has been my favorite. Since it appears that the
Quantum 2.1 gig drive seems to be the villian that ate both my mother
board and the adjacent hard drive (on the same cable) and will own nothing
else from this day forward ;-)

> > Any ideas on how to recover it? I guess it's time to learn procmail or
> > some such, and sort it out into seperate mail folders.
> try loading it in to mutt or elm. or use formail (part of procmail) to
> filter each message in the spool file into a separate folder....see 'man
> formail' for details.
I'll try formail when I have some time. For right now I just moved it off
to the side (inbox1) and started a fresh inbox.

> if that fails, try loading it into vi or some other editor and deleting
> the offending message.  editing a 10mb file may be real slow :(
Well, I used the internal editor of mc, and it did take it about 3 seconds
to go to the end of the file.

> > Any ideas on what went wrong?
> no, but here's an example procmailrc to get you started.  you'll need to
> adapt it for your own system.
> once you've got a working ~/.procmailrc you can run formail to process
> your existing mail spool file and sort it out into multiple folders.
Thank you!

This will surely make it much easier.

Thanks again,

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