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Re: Bug#20499: cvs-buildpackage: doesn't handle symlinks in debian only packages

>>"Adam" == Adam P Harris <apharris@burrito.onshore.com> writes:

Adam> Maybe at some point I'll take a look at the general problem of
Adam> transparent symlink handling native in CVS.  I have some
Adam> connections at Cyclic who may have something to offer.  Does
Adam> anyone have any communication already with Cyclic developers
Adam> about this?

	Way back in 94/95 (when I was involved [in a minor way] with
 CVS development) there was this talk about the great CVS dir database
 rewrite, which would handle symlinks, and rewrite the attics
 hack. This has never happened, since it is a rather major

	Until this is done, cvs relies on RCS to handle archival of
 files; and RCS deos not do symlinks at all.

	However, I see there is a new CVS in the incoming directory,
 which says it removed the diff/rcs dependencies. Hmm. Maybe it did do
 all that was promised. Nope:

     The file is a symbolic link; `cvs import' ignores symbolic links.
     People periodically suggest that this behavior should be changed,
     but if there is a consensus on what it should be changed to, it
     doesn't seem to be apparent.  (Various options in the `modules'
     file can be used to recreate symbolic links on checkout, update,
     etc.; *note modules::..)

	Anyway, I shall implement the warnings.

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