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Re: Base-passwd issues

Hi. I submitted the (rather rude) bug report.

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.980319222255.30588A-100000@mercury.oz.net>,
Robert Woodcock  <rcw@oz.net> wrote:
>True, you do not need the dos group for mounting a DOS partition.
>However, Marco was using the umask and gid options of the msdos filesystem
>to create an access list of who could use the partition. This is useful -
>not irrelevant.
>IMHO, If we want this feature to be more accessible to users, then
>more documentation is the answer, not more entries in the passwd file.

Perhaps one important thing to point out is that (as far as I can
remember), I never added users or groups that were not at some time
part of Debian's default.

Please could we have a dos user and group for use with dosemu? Please
could we have a user for running dbs? If daemons such as postresql,
exim, qmail, m[y]sql etc. are designed to run with a private user then
perhaps we need a formal and _common_ mechanism for such users and
groups to be allocated at first install and removed on a purge
(optionally along with their files)? Obviously the maintainers of
these packages should be consulted as to the design and use of such a
mechanism. If it exists already (my apologies) then maybe it ought to
be re-announced for discussion.


ps Sorry for the delayed response, I've been in the south of Italy for
   a while.
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