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Re: boot-floppies package

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> Hello,
> We have a ton of older PS/2 MCA machines around here, many with ESDI
> disks, others with the IBM SCSI HBA.  Neither ESDI nor the IBM HBA are
> supported by the current rescue disks.
> So, in a not quite right state of mind, I decided I would make some boot
> floppies so that my coworkers, and anyone else with PS/2s out there
> could make use of my work rather than hack through the installs (the
> usual method)
> However, the boot-floppies system has got me confused.  I'm not a
> Makefile wizard, so digging in there is a bit tough.  The documentation
> is otherwise quite sparse (it says "Edit the variables in the Makefile"
> :)
> Here's the problem ... I need to use a special kernel image.  How do I
> tell boot-floppies to use it?  If I give it the path to my kernel-image
> package, it bombs out saying "I don't know how to make
> <your-kernel-image> which is required by linux ..." which isn't too
> meaningful to me.  Doesn't it just want to unpack the kernel-image deb?
> I'm confused.
> I really don't need to remake the entire boot-disk set, just the rescue
> disk and the drivers disk.  Someone want to slap me and set me straight
> here?
If all you need to do is put a different kernel on the rescue floppy
(which is what it sounds like) simply take the delivered image, mount it,
and copy the kernel image from your custom package (the vmlinuz file) to
the file "linux" on the mounted image.

You can either dd the image to a floppy, mount the floppy (msdos) and copy
the kernel, or you can mount the image file with one of the loop devices
and do the replacement to the image file. Any future copies of that image
file will have the new kernel.


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