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2.0.32, XNvidia, Vtk 68k test machine? Adopting arpd All these postinst-Questions Amiga port of Debian announcement lists Re: Announcing supermount-0.6 for 2.0.32 (fwd) apache 1.2 away for a week/bochs AW: libc5 Re: bashisms Re: be careful with Replaces, please bo -> hamm bo-updates packages BOY, DID I GET A WRONG NUMBER! Breaking GNU standards off from autoconf Broken *deb's in hamm Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses Re: Buffer overrun in Redhat 5.0 (fwd) Re: Bug#15484: cvs in bo is still vulnerable Re: Bug: #15573: perl should predepend on perl-base Re: Bug#15859: libc5 in stable is horribly broken Re: Bug#15859: libc5 in stable is horribly broken (fwd) Re: Bug#15859: libc6 in stable is horribly broken Re: Bug#15935: doc-rfc: wrong owner Re: Bug#4784: dselect/dpkg errors Re: Bug#6688: release configuration not managed properly Re: Bug#7112: xterm should use not-yet-existing pty allocation method Re: Bug#988: `script' is insecure, and general tty insecurity Re: Bug log ordering BUG: ncftp segfaults on big screens Re: bugs... BUG: SVGATextMode or GPM Re: BUG: SVGATextMode or GPM Call for volunteers to host bug mirrors Re: Can I stay current using source packages instead of binaries? Can I take wml and eperl? Re: Can we learn something from RH 5.0? Changelog policy being ignored Changing Project Leadership (was: Debian Commercial Support) Checklist request (was: RFC: Deb 2.0 testing process) check out Captain Blue-Eye closing bug reports `COAS' Compiling question [comp.os.linux.announce] Linus Torvalds Receives 1997 Nokia Foundation Award (fwd) Config file management utility Consultants/Tech support Contents.gz copyright check for cutils copyright infringment COULD YOU SEND ME A LIST Re: crontab `cvs add' is dumping core .deb Debhelper for a libc5-based system? debhelper: suggestions debian 1.3.2 debian 2.0 - any dates? Debian Administration tool Re: DEBIAN ANNOUNCES $1000 GRANT TO GNOME PROJECT Debian Commercial Support Debian-devel subscriber count Debian entry in the German Distribution HOWTO Debian / GNU Linux logo? Re: Debian GNU/Linux Logo chosen debian-kbd needs M4 hacker Debian libc5 (bo/stable) to libc6 (hamm/unstable) upgrade Mini-HOWTO Debian Linux and Cirrus Debian Logo - Transparent Version Debian/m68k Macintosh Debian needs guinea pigs debian-private archives /debian/project/experimental in dftp debian-sparc list, where? Debian web pages need help Re: Dependencies Dependencies (Was: timezone/timezones problems) developer lists to leave news gateway Device files dhelp 0.2 - a online help system doc-linux-{zv,jp,sv} Does `dpkg' track the installation date of a package? Does it conform our demands? dpkg help wanted `dpkg' severe bugs list is long. dpkg-source problem .dsc files failing pgp checks dselect, argh dselect/dpkg dependency problems dselect features request Dselect stops and repeats unpacking of packages Duplicate messages on this list Easier configuration idea.... EGCS 1.0 is out Re: EGCS EGCS EGCS Elm not working (followup) Emacs20 and mail file locking. Emacs 20 volunteer wanted ePerl (and WML) segfaults and dumps core with libc6 (hamm)? "/etc/" ordering Ethernet Card Driver ever heard of ftwalk? Example library, please Excuse my recent broken emails Executable stack problems Executive decision on usenet gateway exim or procmail bug? fdisk3 fes list figlet.el Financial support Find user IP [FIXED] Re: insmod sound makes a mess freeciv needs help (1 of 2) freeciv needs help (2 of 2) [From debian-doc] C-A-D entry in inittab ftplib package FUN USE AND INSTALL DIRECTLY ON X WINDOW Re: Future security problem (was Re: be careful with Replaces, please) (fwd) cutils version 1.5.2 - C language miscellaneous utilities (fwd) PIC Programmer v2.0 gated [ Re: guavac] Getting shlibs.local to work with dpkg-shlibdeps GIF patent issue glibc pre-release 2.0.6-0.3 glibc pre-release 2.0.6-0.4 going to package e gone for a week ["Gonzalo A. Diethelm" <>] Re: Moving topics from debian-private (was Re: SPI money out) Re: GUS driver package Re: [H.323] H.323 status H.323 status hamm base disks? Hardware Question Re: header munging, mail reader configs, Gnus propaganda Help!! Hercules Stingray 128 3D How to build a C++ library? How to detach debug symbols from libraries how to handel version numbers for upstreap updates. How to package a JAVA library? IconPath, menu Ideas for new programs I intend to package pcc... I'll take radiusd-merit The last update was on 19:31 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1417 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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