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Re: Changelog policy being ignored

Hamish Moffatt:
> Is the regular maintainer required to apply the diff? In doing
> some non-maintainer upgrades just for libc6 reasons, I have
> fixed some bugs where these are readily fixed. If the non-maintainer
> work does not have to be used, there is every risk of bugs
> being closed which are then unfixed with the next maintainer
> release.

The normal maintainer can of course choose not to apply the diff.
However, we should say that:

 * The person making the non-maintainer release should provide a
description of all the separate bugs that they fix.

 * The normal maintainer should do at least one of
   - apply the diff
   - read the diff and decide on each part of it themselves
   - read the description of the patches and ensure that they fix
     each problem that was fixed in the non-maintainer release.

Perhaps this should be incorporated into our policy ?


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