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Checklist request (was: RFC: Deb 2.0 testing process)

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Hi everyone,
   I haven't heard many responses about the checklist, so I think it's
time to get started.  I'd like to do this in several phases:

I.   Get a few required packages for comments so everyone knows what's
     going on.
II.  Get all required packages.
III. Get all important packages.
IV.  Get all standard packages.
V.   Get all optional and extra packages.

Now, to start with I., I'd like to pick a few packages and ask the
maintainers to post what they think would be a good checklist for their
package.  There are no wrong answers, just what you think you and a tester
should do to verify your package is working correctly.  The idea being
"what works for a maintainer may not work on a testers system for some
reason or another".  What I'd like to try to get is a good balance between
simplicity and thoroughness.  For example, with the diff package:

Package: diff
 - cmp works on identical and different binary or text files
 - diff works on files, directories, normal or 2 column
 - sdiff correctly merges two files
 - diff3 correctly compares 3 files

Diff is probably one of the easier packages.  There weren't many programs,
and there isn't too much to test for each program (although I'd be
interested to see what changes the maintainer of this package will make).

At this time, I'd like to ask for the maintainers of the following
packages to post a list (I'm just trying to get several important
packages here): 

  adduser, diff, dpkg, grep, gzip, hostname, login, mount, passwd, tar.

Also, if anyone wants to go through the packaging manual, I'd like to
create some checklist for groups of packages.  E.g. a web server checklist.
Also a checklist that applies to all packages should be made (e.g. almost 
all files should be readable by everyone and in locations required by the
standard).  The first entry of a web server will then say it should pass
the general web server checklist.


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