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Re: gated

> On Sat, 6 Dec 1997, Philip Hands wrote:
> >   ftp://gated.merit.edu/net-research/gated/gated-R3_5_5.inet.tar.gz
> > 
> > (is that the right one ?) and found this in README.license
> THe current one is gated-3-5-8.tar.gz
> >   Please note the Gated 3.5.5 software can distributed
> >   in source or binary form to any mirror sites.
> The problem doesn't lie with gated itself but the licensing conditions of
> the OSPF code that it uses from Umich.
> As for putting up a package to ftp/wget the source and built it - sure, it
> there another package that I could look at that does something similar
> (maybe the netscape installer?)

The netscape installer requires a user to get the netscape binary tarball and put it in /tmp.

You could do a similar thing with gated's source tarball, and would only need to add a single step to the approach I used for qmail-src.

The thing I was wondering about, was whether the OSPF licence actually stopped the distribution of bit-for-bit copies of the original source (i.e. mirroring).

If it does not, you could make a package including that pristine source, and the user would not need to grab a copy themselves.

If you cannot include the source in the package, make sure to check the md5 checksum of the source that the install script sees, to ensure that it is the same as the one you worked with.

Cheers, Phil.

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