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Re: Compiling question

Syd Alsobrook wrote:
  >I am trying to compile apache 1.2.4 with the dbm auth module on 
  >linux, but when it tries to compile the module it can not find the 
  >db.h file so it quits. I have gdbm installed and find reports 
  >/usr/include/db/db.h but I don't know how to tell apache where to 
  >find the file I know it should go in the Makefile EXTRA_LIBS= but I 
  >can not seem to find the correct syntax.
I don't have apache on my system, so I cannot check, but I think that
EXTRA_LIBS is not the right place; that ought to come in the link options
bit of the command line, which is too late.  You want an option called
EXTRA_INCLUDES, if there is one, and it should contain `-I/usr/include/db'
to tell gcc to look there for include files as well as in /usr/include.

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