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Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses

> Here are a few related pros and cons.
> <--- == BS, but we must decide on one or the other as the installation default.
> <--- == BS sounds right.  IMHO this is just silly.
> <--- == DEL is different from DOS.  This to is just silly
> <--- == DEL gives us an extra usable key on the main keyboard, since it 
> differentiates between <--- and ^H
> <--- == DEL is standard in Linux-land at the moment (very strong argument for 
> keeping it that way IMHO)
> <--- == BS allows the uninitiated easier use from DOS/Windows telnet's and the 
> like (this needs a HOWTO to explain how to do the configuration, but is 
> probably the strongest argument for the BS setting)

	I think there is another reason for choosing <--- == BS, for
internationalization.  I believe it requires <--- == BS, though I am not
entirely sure.  This may be the reason for the push for <--- == BS, even
though debian developers seem to accept  <--- == DEL. 

> In conclusion, I'd say <--- == DEL gets to be the default setting on three 
> grounds:
>  1) Inertia
>  2) Emacs (more inertia and extra functionality)
>  3) Ease of reversing the decision by local admins.
> We need to make point 3 a reality of course ;-)

	I agree, but if feel the opposite <--- == BS should be default
because most linux users come from the dos world, and the keys on a linux
terminal/xterm should act the same as in dos.  Emacs users know more about
unix and therfore should know how to change stty erase

	But definatly #3 should be followed.

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