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Re: Duplicate messages on this list

>>"Kai" == Kai Henningsen <kaih@khms.westfalen.de> writes:

Kai> srivasta@datasync.com (Manoj Srivastava) wrote on 06.12.97 in
Kai> <873ek6icqc.fsf@tiamat.datasync.com>:
>> If I set a reply-to address for the list manually, then having it
>> munged is not just being less pleasing, it is *broken*
>> behaviour. Why should we break perfectly standard mail processing
>> because some mailers are broken out there?

Kai> No such thing. It is pretty clear to me (after the discussion on
Kai> DRUMS) that there currently is no "perfectly standard" Reply-To:
Kai> processing; the header is used in too many incompatible ways.

	Umm, can it be that there is no "perfectly standard" Reply-To:
 processing simply because too many lists stomped right over the RFC
 822's first two examples of reply-to usage (namely, for the author to
 send mail elsewhare)? I'll re-read the RFC's in question (because of
 my disk crash, I have lost my mirror), but I have yet to read
 anything to convince me to break reply-to's by munging them.

Kai> There are _no_ universally accepted, useful conventions for
Kai> Reply-To:. Sad but true. 822 was too imprecise in it's
Kai> definition, plus current mailing lists were unknown back then.

	From the quote on this mailing list, I think 822 was precise
 enough; but I am no expert.

Kai> If you can't get your mailer to reply to From: when you want to,
Kai> complain to it's programmer - it's broken.

	I thought that is the author sets reply-to, then that should
 be used for replies, and not from. I can reply to from: unless there
 is a reply-to, when that takes precedence. If people munge reply-to,
 I'll never knoe, will I?

Kai> (As to "From: is broken", Reply-To: was _never_ meant to fix
Kai> that. From: _should_ be settable by the mail sender - read 822 if
Kai> you don't believe me. Mailers (or system setups) that don't allow
Kai> you to do that are _clearly_ broken. From: is not, and never has
Kai> been, meant for any sort of authentication info.)

	Correct, but if the author chooses to use reply-to, in
 accordance with rfc 822, it should be respected. (ours not to
 question the wisdom of the author)

>> electronic mail standards and convention, is none of our
>> business. We *shoul* *not* break it.

Kai> Sorry. No can do. You will always break it for someone.

	I have no qualms about breaking it for people who are not
 coforming to standards.

>> I think people should get decent mail user agents.

Kai> There don't seem to be many that match your definition of
Kai> "decent".  (Incidentally, that's part of why I'm still thinking
Kai> about writing my own.)

	But there are some.

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