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Re: dselect features request

On Fri, Dec 19, 1997 at 09:29:17AM -0800, hollen@vigra.com wrote:
>1)  Once all packages are selected, be able to dump the selections to
>    a file that could be later read in for subsequent identical
>    installations. 

There is a twist to this.  Allong with all the installed packages will
come all the configuration files that you may have modified.  For
example sendmail,X11,ntp,etc configurations, default editor, and others.

That's a problem I'm going to try to solve, since I'm in the same 
predicament myself, having to save configurations for machines.  The
first step is getting the MD5 sums in the deb files though, and I'm
still working on that one.

There is a interesting thread on debian-policy regarding making MD5 sums
mandatory in packages which will then let you identify which files 
you have modified.  (hopefully just configuration files :) )

>2)  Once all packages are selected, don't skip packages that are
>    deselected, just ignore them.  Dselect for ftp install works this
>    way, why can't the disk based dselect as well?  It looks like much
>    time is spent "skipping" packages that do not need to be
>    installed. 

I HATE that.  I gave up on CD installs.  I found a ftp server that was
close to me and now I'm just using that instead since the "skippy" problem
doesn't exist with the ftp option.   I probably should have brought up
the issue a while ago.


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