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Re: EGCS 1.0 is out

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Oleg Krivosheev wrote:

> > libg++ is not supported right now and is obscolecent.
> it's a bit misleading. It's not integrated into
> tarball, but it's quite good piece of C++ codeand
> can be compiled by EGCS. HJ has it packed separately
> somewhere

Ah, well any code that uses it is non-standard so I would strongly
discourage anyone from using it for a new project. The STL classes provide
pretty much the same functionality in a standard way.

Could we possible separate libg++ and libstdc++? I don't think there is
much reason to include libg++ in Base, but libstdc++ definately should be
in there. I do admit I don't have any idea how much C++ code in debian
makes use of the special G++ constructs so this might be a bad idea!


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