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Re: Config file management utility

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From: Steve Greenland <steveg@rpcweb.dmccorp.com>
To: debian-devel@lists.debian.org <debian-devel@lists.debian.org>
Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 8:05 PM
Subject: Re: Config file management utility

>On 02-Dec-1997 12:45:31, Joe Emenaker <jemenake@mail.cob.calpoly.edu> wrote:
>> Has much discussion been had about a possible configuration file
>> management script for the package config scripts to use?
>> For example, I installed cron on a Debian box, and then installed mgetty.
>> Mgetty placed the following at the end of my /etc/crontab:
>>   #-- mgetty begin
>>   20,40 * * * *   root faxrunq
>>   #-- mgetty end
>> Then, when I updated cron, it asked if I wanted to replace my
>> /etc/crontab. I'm assuming that this would have hosed my mgetty settings,
>> so I was forced to make the changes to /etc/crontab by hand.
>Report a bug against mgetty -- packages are not allowed to touch
>/etc/crontab (Debian Policy manual, section 3.5).
>That said, it appears that the only policy compliant way for a package
>to run a script more frequently than once a day is to register a user,
>and create a crontab for that user. This is not too onerous for
>news or sendmail, but seems like overkill for every little package.
>I don't have any good ideas, though...:-(
>Steve Greenland

How about this.  Some one creates a script, that is run from /etc/crontab.
Whenever this script is run, it checks to see if another program is supposed to
be run.  If so, it does it, then checks to see when the next script is supposed
to run.  It then remodifies /etc/crontab, updating it's entry, so that it can
run the next item.  Does anyone understand this?

I can't do it right now, as I am working on H.323 for Linux.

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