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Re: Duplicate messages on this list

srivasta@datasync.com (Manoj Srivastava)  wrote on 04.12.97 in <871zzsbagn.fsf@tiamat.datasync.com>:

> 	Personally, I still think that reply-to is a bad solution; we

That's true. The problem, however, is that better solutions are next to  
non-existant - I sure don't consider something that only works for a very  
small number of mail clients a "solution". At least not while discussing  
how to solve a current problem - it does help when designing new software  

> 	Why do we have a policy about CC's?

Because they are evil. There seems to be fairly broad consensus on that.

> I like CC's; they genrally
>  propogate to me faster.

Which easily leads (for me) to actually missing them - because of  
duplicate suppression, they do not show up where they are expected (with  
the mailing list).

> Where is this policy stated? (I just looked
>  into debian-policy, and /usr/doc/debian/mailing-list.txt, with no
>  success). If indeed there is such a policy, it has been hidden quite
>  succesfully. (I certainly don't remember this being ratified).

I think I do remember it; Lars asked for no CCs on -devel, someone else  
asked for please to have CCs, and the resulting discussion (IIRC) had that  

Probably people forgot to write it down.

> 	The people with sad mail software and lazy fingers are
>  penalizing the people with low bandwidth. Don't break conforming
>  software to cater to broken software.

Don't break the setup for 90% to cater to 10%. I think you are in the 10%  
group, here.

I do agree that reply-to isn't the optimal solution. Not doing anything is  
very suboptimal, as well, though. The DRUMS group (doing updates to RFC  
821/822) is trying to find a solution to this, but we're not there yet -  
and then software needs to be adapted to the new standards. I don't expect  
a serious installed base of anything new before 1999. (It probably will  
happen fast, because people like Netscape are involved in DRUMS - I expect  
the participants cover a large part of the market.)

One serious CC: problem is that you don't know which of these CC:s are on  
the list (so don't need and usually don't want a CC:), and which aren't  
(so need a CC: to receive anything at all). Happens all the time with  
upstream authors.

MfG Kai

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