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Does it conform our demands?

    Dear sirs and ladies,                       Brno, 12/5/1997.

We are planning to use one of our PCs (Pentium based) as a file server and
simultaneously for the Internet connection. For that purpose we are
searching for a good free UNIX-type operating system. There are several
possibilities, but we are not familiar enough with most of them to be able
to choose the one that conforms our demands in the best way. And because it
is not so easy to get all of this information on the web pages, we try to
get it directly from the (well informed) technicians of the appropriate
companies and/or organizations. Since Debian GNU/Linux is also in the scope
of our interest, we kindly ask you to provide us with this information. We
would like to know whether this operating system (and which version, if not
all) supports the following features:

    NIS (yellow pages)
    PPP dial on demand
    3Com fast ethernet adapter 3C905-TX (or at least any other fast ethernet
        card available on the market)

Thank you in advance for your answer! Best regards,

                                                Jozef Bednarik,
                                                CEDO, spol. s r.o.,
                                                Brno, Czech Republic.

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