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Re: Duplicate messages on this list

On 07-Dec-1997 12:43:00, Kai Henningsen <kaih@khms.westfalen.de> wrote:
> That's true. The problem, however, is that better solutions are next to  
> non-existant - I sure don't consider something that only works for a very  
> small number of mail clients a "solution". 

"Reply-to-all" + editing is available only with a "small number of clients"?

> > I like CC's; they genrally
> >  propogate to me faster.
> Which easily leads (for me) to actually missing them - because of  
> duplicate suppression, they do not show up where they are expected (with  
> the mailing list).

I agree with this -- while I usually don't actually miss it, it's not 
where expect it. Depending on how I'm routing mail in a given week, it
may end up on a different machine.

> > Where is this policy stated? (I just looked
> >  into debian-policy, and /usr/doc/debian/mailing-list.txt, with no
> >  success). If indeed there is such a policy, it has been hidden quite
> >  succesfully. (I certainly don't remember this being ratified).

It's in 2.1 of the _Developer's Reference_, which I guess doesn't
make it "policy", but it is written down.

> Don't break the setup for 90% to cater to 10%. I think you are in the 10%  
> group, here.

I don't think the ratio is that lob-sided. I think the main argument
against the Reply-To: list munging is that you're more likely to send
personal mail the list, from which you can't recover. The other way,
if you forget, you send list mail to an individual -- it's relatively
painless to resend it to the list.


Steve Greenland

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