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Re: Does it conform our demands?

Michael Meskes <meskes@topsystem.de> writes:

> I have to disagree with Bob on this issue. I had a 3c905 a while back

It's Rob :>

> and at that time the kernel driver (v0.40) had serious problems but
> mostly when run on 10Mbit. Now that the 2.0 kernel series ships version
> 0.46 I have yet to run into a 3c905 related problem. And my machine is
> filleserver (samba), databse server (two instances of Oracle), web proxy
> (squid) and nameserver (bind). Lot's of traffic and it works like a
> charm.

Sure.  I wasn't claiming that some people don't have problems, but
that others do.  If you watch the vortex development list, you'll see
what I mean.  It's one of those YMMV things.

I worked with a machine that would lock up on a daily basis at 10Mb
with the early 0.46 drivers.  It's calmed down with the newest ones,
but it was a big hassle before that.  The tulip cards are cheaper and
better supported.  I'd go with that, and I have both.  Note that I'm
not using them at 100Mbit if it matters.

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>
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