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Re: gated

> note that there are no problems with DOWNLOADING gated sources.  The
> weird licensing is only a problem if you want to DISTRIBUTE it. debian
> can't distribute any gated sources because we wont sign the distribution
> license agreement.

I just grabbed a copy of gated from:


(is that the right one ?) and found this in README.license

  Please note the Gated 3.5.5 software can distributed
  in source or binary form to any mirror sites.
  If you distribute GateD in a commercial product,
  please obtain a redistribution license at no fee from
  Merit, Inc. at:

        Merit GateDaemon Project
        4251 Plymouth Road, Suite C
        Ann Arbor, MI 48105

It strikes me that we are allowed to mirror the source, and possibly even a binary package, as long as we don't do so in a commercial product.  So if we put it in non-free, there should be no problem.

Depending upon how you read some of the other bits of licences, you might think that we can only justify distributing a pristine copy of the source tarball, in which vase you could go for the same approach as I used for qmail-src (which is a package that contains the .orig.tar.gz, .dsc and .diff.gz files, and a script to build them into a binary).

Cheers, Phil.

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