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Re: Bug#15859: libc5 in stable is horribly broken (fwd)

"Scott K. Ellis" <storm@gate.net> writes:

> I'm sick of trying to find a useful workaround for people who just
> want to install a few packages from hamm without upgrading the whole
> thing.

There isn't one.  I assumed you, as libc5-to-libc6 maintainer, knew

Yes, it is theoretically possible to make libc5/libc5-dev,
libc-6/libc6-altdev packages, all using the old utmp format (among
other things), but I don't see the point in doubling development
effort for the few people who want to straddle the fence.  Either stay
on bo or upgrade to hamm.

I'll be making a bo-unstable distribution this weekend for anybody who
wants to upload libc5 versions of their packages.  That'll hopefully
take away some of the impetus from this discussion.

> | libc5-5.4.33-3 |     OK    |     OK    | What we USED to have in bo

That was before we had a libc5 with libc6 format utmp.  It's
impossible now.


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