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Re: ["Gonzalo A. Diethelm" <gonzo@ing.puc.cl>] Re: Moving topics from debian-private (was Re: SPI money out)

On Tue 16 Dec 1997, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> >>>>> "James" == James Troup <J.J.Troup@scm.brad.ac.uk> writes:
>     James> Alex Yukhimets <aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu> writes:
>     >> When doing 'g'roup reply in elm, the e-mail of the person goes
>     >> into the "To:" header and list address (along with all other
>     >> thread participant's adresses) to "Cc:" header.
>     James> So, umm, fix elm?
>  Or use `Gnus'. :-)

Or 'mutt'. That may be more familiar to those used to elm (most
keystrokes are the same).

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