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Re: Bug#15859: libc6 in stable is horribly broken

On Fri, Dec 12, 1997 at 03:19:29PM -0500, Chris Fearnley wrote:
> Why should libc5 conflict with libc5-dev??

It doesn't need to.  The explicit version dependency in libc5-dev is

> Would this scheme improve things:
> libc5 (stable,unstable): No conflicts, no depends (pre-depends on
>                          ldso, of course)
> libc5-altdev:  Conflicts: libc5-dev

Doesn't need to.  It doesn't make any sense to do so, but there is no
reason libc5-dev and libc5-altdev can't both be installed.

> libc6: Conflicts: (libc5<<5.4.33-6)
>   (Necessary due to utmp issue -- Hell, someone upgrading from a CD
>    with stock 1.3.1 will be able to corrupt utmp in the current scheme
>    anyway!)

I can add this in the next release (due very soon) so let me know ASAP.

> libc6-dev: Conflicts: libc5-dev
>   (libc6 development conflicts with libc5-dev -- need altdev)

Doesn't need to.  Both provide and conflict with the virtual libc-dev
package for just this situation.

> BTW, who is maintaining libc5, libc6?  Helmut Geyer is listed but I
> remember seeing that he has vanished??

Nobody is maintaining libc5.  Volunteers have been asked for but no
one has stepped forward.

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