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Re: crontab

On 07-Dec-1997 01:39:39, Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> wrote:
> [Re: crontab -l outputs extra header] 
> Especially since that line is usually used in the prerm script, so
> an upgrade won't help.. It might be worth it to locate all the packages
> that do this, and file a bug report against them. You should mention that
> tail +4 is dangerous since the behaviour of crontab -l might change , and
> recommend something like:
> crontab -l | sed -e '/^#.*\(DO NOT EDIT\|Cron version\|installed on\).*$/d'
> instead. Then wait for Debian 2.2 or so, so you can be reasonably sure
> everybody has upgraded all those packages at least once and release
> a new cron..

Howzabout this:

I mod 'crontab -l' so that it doesn't output the extra header iff
CRONTAB_NOHEADER is defined. People can modify their scripts to


Later, I'll make the new behaviour the default. The advantage is
that we get read of the sed call immediately, and people can set
CRONTAB_NOHEADER in their login scripts and get the new behaviour.

None of this will happen until after jan 1, as I'm trying to get a libc6
release of cern-httpd out before I go on vacation...


Steve Greenland

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