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Re: .deb

"Eloy A. Paris" wrote:
  >Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> wrote:
  >:     Gigabyte> i was asked if i could used files like Tkdesk from the
  >:     Gigabyte> Debian/Linux 1.3.1 and use it on other Linux like
  >:     Gigabyte> OpenLinux ?....  if so how can i do that ...  TIA .....
  >: Sure. Just install the 'alien' program, available at
  >: http://kite.ml.org/programs/ :)
  >Alien is for the other way around: to use packages from other
  >distributions in Debian.
A binary package is an ar archive file:

   $ ar -t postgresql_6.2.1-3_i386.deb

A source package should consist of the original source, a diff file and a
dsc file (which lists the other two with check sums and has the
maintainer's PGP signature):


If you are installing on another system, you should probably use the
original source file and compile it on the foreign system.  The source
diff file contains the changes needed to make the package compile for
Debian, including changes to the location of configuration files.
You might want to scan the diffs to see if there is anything not
Debian-specific that you would like to adopt.

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