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Re: Config file management utility

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Adam Heath wrote:

> How about this.  Some one creates a script, that is run from /etc/crontab.
> Whenever this script is run, it checks to see if another program is supposed
> to be run.  If so, it does it, then checks to see when the next script is 
> supposed to run.  It then remodifies /etc/crontab, updating it's entry, so 
> that it can run the next item.  Does anyone understand this?

It sounds like something I was going to suggest as a joke. I was going to
propose that, in cron.daily, they put in a script that sets up 288 "at"
jobs... all 5 minutes apart. However, that's about at the top of the scale
of tackiness and inelegance, IMHO.

- Joe

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