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Re: be careful with Replaces, please

Yann Dirson wrote:
> Greg Stark writes:
>  >
>  > We've got be be a little more careful with the Replaces header.
>  > I just installed the libc6 version of comerr, and dpkg helpfully
>  > deinstalled e2fsprogs.
> That's perfectly normal if you previously had e2fsprogs <= 1.10-6,
> which does contain libcom_err !

Package: comerr2g
Version: 1.10-8
Replaces: e2fsprogs, comerr2 (<= 1.10-7)
Depends: libc6
Conflicts: e2fsprogs, comerr2 (<= 1.10-7)

> You should probably install e2fsprogsg to replace e2fsprogs.

The behaviour you're wanting is provided by Replaces _without_ Conflits.
Having listed e2fsprogs in the Conflicts, you're removing automatically
it without forcing the install of the new e2fsprogsg.

If you must Conflict with e2fsprogs, then you should add e2fsprogsg to
the Depends to force installation of it (if it conflicts with its libc5
version, you don't need to Conflict with it).

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