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[Q] Standard way to force libc5-compat?

Hi, I successfully upgraded to hamm from a very recent CD.  I've got
netscape, Realplayer, mxaudio, & lots of other non-debian stuff working
(2.0.33-pre-1 :), so the distribution seems to be working pretty well.

	However, there ARE some bugs, of course.  I'll report them here
later...is this the right list?  Is there an FAQ for people upgrading to
the unstable version?  I'd love to read it :)

	What I need to know right know is whether or not there is a "standard"
way to run binaries (such as netscape) that have been builts with
libc5.  I have very simple script called '5run' that tries to do this
right now, but I still need to fix it so that it complains when it can't
find the libc5 version of a library, instead of just using the libc6
version (and crashing!).  Can somebody please point me in the right

	I don't want to go ahead and write a big system, only to delete it
immediately when I find out its not the "right" way!


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