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Re: bo-updates packages

steveg@rpcweb.dmccorp.com (Steve Greenland) writes:

> On 04-Dec-1997 14:08:59, Paul Seelig <pseelig@goofy.zdv.Uni-Mainz.de> wrote:
> > mbaker@iee.org (Mark Baker) writes:
> > Well, this temporary problem lasts since quite a while now and i fear
> > that it will last for quite a while longer. I don't expect Debian-2.0
> > to happen earlier than somewhere at the end of january next year. So
> > why not update some crucial packages for bo resulting maybe in a minor
> > interim release? How about perl-5.004, the current bash and a few
> > other important goodies? 
> And who is going to check and make sure that all the other packages in
> bo that use perl, bash and the "few other important goodies" still
> work the new versions? That's what a "stable" version is all about...
Probably not you. But anyway who can guarantee that a mixed system
consisting of a mere hodge podge of bo and hamm behaves ok either?  I
at least can state based on my very own experience that perl-5.004
behaves quite well on two heavily used bo systems here since more than
6 weeks.  And i'm not speaking about my private home machine.  Guess
why i proposed to name a directory with libc5 compiled hamm packages
    ^^^^^^^^                   Cheers, P. *8^)
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