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Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses

>>>>> Brian Mays wrote:

    >> This is the rxvt maintainer here.  Rxvt has many optional
    >> compile-time features, one of which is the behavior of the
    >> backspace key.  Normally, I avoid modifying as many of the
    >> "upstream" settings as possible, unless someone gives me a
    >> valid reason to change them.
    >> Currently, rxvt sets the backspace key by "using the current
    >> stty setting of erase to guess a Backspace value of either ^H
    >> or ^?."  I can change a compile-time option to force rxvt to us
    >> ^H always for backspace.  Is this useful?

>>>>> Galen Hazelwood writes:

    > Well, it would free me from having to make a quick new release
    > of ncurses, so I think it would be useful.  People seem to have
    > found a workaround, but I think it's better to have it set right
    > to begin with...

Okay.  I'm building a new unstable version of rxvt with backspace set
to ^H.  From this point on, Debian's rxvt policy will be to use ^H as
backspace by default.


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