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Re: bo-updates packages

On Tue 02 Dec 1997, Joey Hess wrote:
> Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > Since we now have (almost) policy for producing bo-updates
> > packages, can anyone suggest a good way to actually do this?
> > It should be easy enough to add another rule in debian/rules,
> > but neither debhelper nor debstd seem to offer a way to
> > specify a version number for dpkg-gencontrol. Perhaps either/both
> > of these could have a switch added which would do the version
> > number mangling too?
> Sorry, I've been offline for 2 days, so maybe I missed something. What
> version number mangling needs to be done, and why would debstd or debhelper
> be responsible for it? Can someone get me up to speed?

I've been thinking about this as well the last couple of days. I've just
about taken over maintenance of isdnutils, and the current version is
based on libc6. However, a couple of the fixes should ideally also be
available for bo. Building two different versions is not a problem, as I
have hamm on a separate disk (so I can boot either bo or hamm).
However, the version number needs to be distinct.

So, any ideas? Be gentle, I'm only just beginning to understand the way
dpkg-buildpackage et.al. work :-)

Paul Slootman
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