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Re: announcement lists

Adrian Bridgett writes:

> > I think it's package@bugs.debian.org actually, but I'm not sure; I
> > only occasionally get mail to it -- all of it inappropriate
> > (everything I've gotten to xbase@<> in particular should have either
> > gone to debian-user or to submit@bugs, mostly the latter...)

Args, no! All wrong.

It's <package>@packages.debian.org

> > Huh? the "package" addresses don't lead to email storing *anywhere* --
> > they just forward directly to the listed package maintainer.  If the

Correct.  It's meant for contacting the maintainer, not for submitting

> > maintainer knows of an announce list, they can subscribe themselves
> > (or <package> if they wish to); often there isn't one, and the package
> > is only announced to c.o.l.a...
> Oops - a bit of a "thinko" there :-)  However it would be nice to do this -
> if there is no maintainer, then the mail could be binned (as a new
> maintainer is quite likely to look for the latest version). IIRC, the
> maintainer for ophaned packaged _should_ be set to the debian-qa group, who
> could keep track of it.

Give me a file containing those packages and update it regularily on
master and the mailer at packages.debian.org will know about that.



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