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Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses

On Mon, Dec 08, 1997 at 07:38:00PM -0500, Will Lowe wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Philip Hands wrote:
> > BTW I'd be interested to hear any justification of why <--- == DEL
> Well,  from a sheer visual standpoint,  seeing an arrow pointing to the
> left,  like on the BS key (<--),  makes one think that pushing that
> button's going to move the cursor that way,  just like the other arrow
> keys.  I've NEVER understood the funky behavior of the BS key on *nix.

I heard that the original DEC vt100? terminals had delete there and so they
decided that they wouldn't change it to delete to the left. Why Linux kept
this I don't know. Personally I don't care what it set to what, as long as
it works like in DOS/OS2/NT - and Atari :-)


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