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Re: Config file management utility

On 02-Dec-1997 12:45:31, Joe Emenaker <jemenake@mail.cob.calpoly.edu> wrote:
> Has much discussion been had about a possible configuration file
> management script for the package config scripts to use?
> For example, I installed cron on a Debian box, and then installed mgetty.
> Mgetty placed the following at the end of my /etc/crontab:
>   #-- mgetty begin 
>   20,40 * * * *   root faxrunq
>   #-- mgetty end
> Then, when I updated cron, it asked if I wanted to replace my
> /etc/crontab. I'm assuming that this would have hosed my mgetty settings,
> so I was forced to make the changes to /etc/crontab by hand. 

Report a bug against mgetty -- packages are not allowed to touch
/etc/crontab (Debian Policy manual, section 3.5).

That said, it appears that the only policy compliant way for a package
to run a script more frequently than once a day is to register a user,
and create a crontab for that user. This is not too onerous for
news or sendmail, but seems like overkill for every little package.

I don't have any good ideas, though...:-(


Steve Greenland

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