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Re: Duplicate messages on this list

On 07-Dec-1997 12:43:00, Kai Henningsen <kaih@khms.westfalen.de> wrote:
> Which easily leads (for me) to actually missing them - because of  
> duplicate suppression, they do not show up where they are expected (with  
> the mailing list).

One of the reasons I *don't* use duplicate supression (I leave it in
"warning" mode), *and* I sort on X-Mailing-List!  The nicest thing about
having the debian lists (like the netbsd lists) all go through qmail,
is that when you get a message from one, you *know* where it came
from.  The X-Mailing-List sorting (using nnmail-split-fancy in gnus,
but procmail is certainly just as capable) comes first, then the more
"heuristic" sorting (like: is my name in to/cc...)  That way my
mail.debian.whatever is a consistent archives, threads stay together,
and at the same time I actually pay prompt attention to the threads
I'm involved in.

("X-Mailing-List" "debian-\\([-_a-z]*\\)@lists.debian.org" "mail.debian.\\1")

is particularly nice: all I have to do is subscribe, and the
appropriate folder gets created automatically...

I'm not trying to push either way on this; just pointing out that
there are ways to get some of the things you might really want.

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