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[geppetto@eecs.com: Re: guavac]

guavac includes a classes.zip containing Java classes. There was
no mention of the copyright for these (which have been included
with the guavac package since at least 0.2.6p1-1.1,
which was the previous release to mine). I contacted the author,
whose reply is below.

I fear there may still be a copyright problem, and it is
definately a problem that there is no source. He says we can leave
out the classes.zip, but then do I need to modify the original tar.gz to
leave it out, else the source package may have copyright problems?


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> I maintain a package of your guavac compiler for the Debian GNU/Linux
> operating system. I was wondering, what is the source of the classes.zip
> file included in guavac-1.0.tar.gz? There is no mention of it in
> the documentation, and there is no source either. Unfortunately this
> may create copyright problems for Debian.

The files in classes.zip contain only the interfaces to all of the Java 1.1
classes ... none of the implementation of any of the methods is included, so
they would only be useful in compiling.  I created these files by writing a
program that would go over Sun's public API and pick out the interface to
each class without generating code.

If this would cause a problem for Gnu distributions, you can leave it out
with a note that users will need to compile with Sun's (or Netscape's)
classes in their CLASSPATH.

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