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Re: crontab

In article <66cr8b$1co$1@q.cistron.nl>,
	miquels@cistron.nl (Miquel van Smoorenburg) writes:

> that do this, and file a bug report against them. You should mention that
> tail +4 is dangerous since the behaviour of crontab -l might change , and
> recommend something like:
> crontab -l | sed -e '/^#.*\(DO NOT EDIT\|Cron version\|installed on\).*$/d'

Yes, that seems like a good solution.

> instead. Then wait for Debian 2.2 or so, so you can be reasonably sure
> everybody has upgraded all those packages at least once and release
> a new cron.

Once that is done the packages can remove the sed completely (and depend on
the new cron).

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