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Re: Duplicate messages on this list

On 07-Dec-1997 12:43:00, Kai Henningsen <kaih@khms.westfalen.de> wrote:
> There don't seem to be many that match your definition of "decent".  
> (Incidentally, that's part of why I'm still thinking about writing my  
> own.)
> Maybe we should make a list. You seem to like GNUS; obviously, that's no  
> solution for people who hate Emacs.

Try mutt, written by Michael Elkins (who was one of the leading elm
patchers) and a host of others. Very configurable, very standards

Two best features for handling mailing list: it threads, based on the
"In-Reply-To:" header, or subject if the header is missing; and it
handles the "Reply-To:" issue by letting you specify the names of the
mailing lists you deal with in the config file, and when you press the
"list-reply" key, it hunts the From, CC, (whatever) headers to look for
a list name, and replies to *only* that.

Other cool stuff: lots of features for handling multiple folders,
like "folder-hooks" which let you change configuration parameters
(headers, signature file, etc) based on which folder you're reading.
Color support. Great MIME support, a browse-url (select from multiple).
The ability to "postpone" a message you're sending, so you can go
look at something else and come back to the original. Keystrokes are
completely configurable, and you can change the configuration depending
on which menu you're looking at (index, send, attach, etc) or if you're
in the internal message pager. POP3 support.

It's console based (ncurses or slang), it's fast, it has great support.
Highly recommended. Checkout http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~me/mutt.

Steve Greenland

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