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Re: Bug: #15573: perl should predepend on perl-base


Santiago Vila Doncel, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>On 4 Dec 1997, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... wrote:
>> Hmm.  A thought as I spell-checked this.  Can you pre-depend and depend
>> on the same package?  perl's control will now look like:
>> ...
>> Pre-Depends: perl-base (>=5.004.04-2)
>> Depends: perl-base (=${Source-Version})
>> ...
>This way, dpkg will refuse to install perl until perl-base >= 5.004.04-2
>is installed and configured, but since the only perl-base
>version compatible with perl is exactly ${Source-Version}, it will have
>to install and configure that version, perl-base ${Source-Version}.
>Pre-Depends: perl-base (=${Source-Version})
>not have the same effect?

Not if I'm interpreting the dependencies correctly.

In your version, every time perl is upgraded, perl-base (for that
version) must be installed and configured before we can upgrade perl.  I
think that takes two separate invocations of dselect.  (warning: I don't
use dselect)

With my version, you only have to have perl-base installed and
configured if there is a danger of Perl not being there, i.e. before 5.004.04-2.
Any other time (5.004.04-3+), perl-base just needs to be installed, not
necessarily configured.  This way folks have to exit and re-enter
dselect fewer times.

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